CE&C is a Full Service Commercial General Contractor, serving Western Washington since 1948.  We provide construction solutions that consistently meet our customers and strategic partners expectation for quality and value, year after year.

How do we do this?  It's all about relationships based on integrity and trust.  This starts with a commitment to understanding and meeting expectations at all levels.  Our extensive relationships with strategic partners, be they Architects, Engineers, Subcontractors, Government Agencies and others, as well as our unique organizational structure, allow us to provide excellent results regardless of the delivery methodology or the industry.  This is what differentiates us from our competitors.  Our vast relationships, organizational structure and depth of experience result in a quality project at a competitive price.

Longevity is Key

Ask our staff how long they have been with CE&C and you will get an unusual answer.  In most cases it will be "my entire career".  Our Superintendents have been with us an average of 15 years each and are among the best in the business.  This translates to effective on-site decision-making, consistently saving our customers time and money.

Ask Our Customers

Just ask any of our customers over the last 10 years about their experience with us and you will get a consistent answer: we are satisfied with the results and would hire CE&C to work for us again.  How many of our competitors can say that about their customers regardless of their size, industry or method of delivery?  


"CE&C is the best contractor I have ever worked with.  CE&C started working here at the Highline Community College Campus in 1995, and since then has completed 12 building renovations,  Emergency Earthquake Repairs to our Underground Tunnel System and construction of The Early Childhood Development Center.  We have been very pleased with everything they have done here, and I can honestly say that CE&C is the best contractor that I have ever worked with."
Pete Babington, Director of Facilities, Highline Community College